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Women's bags

The Macrì Woman style Bags are inspired by the Grand Tour, an enchanting journey
born in the 1700s that led tourists and artists to discover the most beautiful places of
Italian art. The inspiration of our brand is therefore clear: to make Art travel. How
could we carry out this project? Through canvases printed on fashion accessories.

Thus began the story of Macrì: it's a story of love for beauty, love for research and
craftsmanship who mix up itself with art continuously and from always it represents
the best soul's part of the Made in Italy, creativity, quality and wise workmanship.

The unique and personalized Macrì Women's Bags are born from a painting on
canvas. Our strong point is the preservation of a manual skill that respects the past
and is combined with cutting-edge tools. Macrì Women's Bags and Accessories
become a quality choice for everyone.

Make the Art travel
Macrì women's bags are truly unique. Each bag is a painting to wear. A choice of
quality for everyone.
Each order is processed only at the time of the purchase. At that moment our
craftsmen cut and sew the softest and most resistant leathers, select the best
accessories and materials to make a perfect product, one by one.

A real handmade bag made just for you.

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