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Macrì Leather Bracelets are an elegant item that stands out for its taste, originality and simplicity, factors that have always characterized Macrì's works.
The Macrì Leather Bracelets are excellently finished, made with shiny steel elements that remind us of a tradition of popular beliefs linked to superstition.

There are many colors available for this model of Leather Bracelet to satisfy any request. All these colors are so beautiful that the real temptation would be to create a personal collection and mix them, changing color every day.

We can find in their design an unquestionable attention to details, thanks to the artisan processing techniques. Tradition and craftsmanship, together with Research of Innovation, are values that have always characterized Macrì design.
The tradition starts from the knowledge of the raw material. The highest quality leathers are chosen and finished by master tanners from Avellino for the creation of our Macrì leather Bracelets.

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