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The Artisan Tradition

Macrì is a company leader in the field of artistical printing and publishing and in the production of artistical crafts, handmade as tradition. Ours has been a long journey, lasting over twenty years, through Art, books and paintings. It has been the cultural heritage on which we have grown our professionalism and experience, with great pleasure and satisfaction.

Our strength is to create original collections of antique and contemporary prints, engravings, gouaches or paintings reproductions, using both the ancient printing techniques and the most modern digital ones.

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The Art is worn

The high quality standards used for all our creations have allowed us to be chosen and present in the prestigious locations of important hotels and elegant residences, our customers. Our versatility is completed in our laboratories where items come to life, reinterpreted by expert hands and the genius of master craftsmen, terracotta sculptures of the Neapolitan tradition such as shepherds, masks and lucky-charms artifacts.

Never tired of the creative process, in the latest years, we have created the Capricci collection by Macrì, inspired by some good suggestions. Art is “worn” by canvases printed on fashion accessories that reproduce real paintings thanks to modern reinterpretations.

The unmistakable printing’s motif, you can find in every creation, is the hallmark of every accessory together with the inevitable presence of the color. Fantasy, quality, and details are our skills, each accessory is made with the highest quality materials in total respect of the Made in Italy tradition.

Artisan production

All Macrì’s creations are made entirely with artisanal methods and in our own laboratories where every single product is designed and manufactured with the utmost care and attention to the very latest detail.

Every Macrì’s item returns colors and stories of the past memories, embodies an idea and the feeling of who created it, all of that to make it unique as each creation made by will be unique and special for those who will receive it as a gift.

Who chooses Macrì is a world’s citizen, who travels even only with the evocative images power, with own imagination and dreams … because dreams have no borders.

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Watch the video

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